Digital print for packaging – A trend in 2016

digital print for packaging

Digital print for packaging – A trend in 2016

Digital influences are all around us and the world of digital print is growing with the total print market estimated to be worth over £610 billion by 2018. More photos have been taken in the last few years than the rest of time combined with demand for colour prints set to hit well over a trillion by 2020.

Digital print driving digital marketing

Using your digitally printed marketing as a tool to drive traffic to your website really increases visitor numbers and grows your sales, enabling you to react to new customer needs and frequent changes in the market. Customers use a vast range of printed products in tandem with their online presence.

Packaging itself will experience a significant transformation over the next few years as digital printing rises from niche applications and becomes the norm for packaging converters of all types. Digital printing is improving workflow, enabling innovative marketing and getting products to market faster than ever now.

In 2016 digital print is taking a firm grasp of the market as brand owners across the world invest significant resource and money into planning their digital packaging strategies. The technology now exists to create high quality packaging on a variety of substrates on digital presses. This year will see more digitally printed packaging on retail shelves than ever before.

The challenge still facing the brand owner community in 2016 is how they leverage this technology to drive profit from innovative marketing campaigns, how to use the power of digital print to build stronger relationships with their customers and how to gain loyalty from the new generation of shoppers.

digital printing

What will make digital print so successful in 2016?

Digital print engages customers. Digitally printed packaging, if harnessed correctly, has the ability to grab and hold people’s attention in a way no other media channel can offer. Using technology such as Augmented Reality, QR codes and web-to-print solutions provide value alongside benefits such as short-runs and shorter lead times which give faster routes to market and the ability to react quickly to ever changing market conditions.

Would you like to know more about digitally printed packaging, triggering an emotional engagement with brands through customisation & personalisation and what digital print can do for your packaging challenges?

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